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About Our Company

We are a company steeped in research

Till the year 2015, we were totally steeped into research. Over the years, we have been instrumental partners in the creation of many a wonder drug and prescription drugs that have made having sex a great preoccupation for everyone.

We wanted to do something different

In the year 2015 and later, we were planning to set up our own manufacturing plant and we thought to ourselves, “How different can we be from the rest in the market?”

We had to go “all natural”

By the time we finished our research, we knew that going natural was the way for us. We sourced all our ingredients from difficult to access parts of the world and at the cost of billions of dollars set up a plant that met all standards of quality. Slowly, we started our production in batches and waited for public response.

Our campaign strategy

We did not want to do heavy expenditure in media campaigns in the form of glossy ads and suggestive humor. Infact we chose to tread the path lesser travelled. We decided to sell the product only online without giving any commission on sales or a share of the profits to any physical or online pharmacy. Till today, our pills are only and only sold throughout website. Anywhere else that the pills can be procured is at high risk of passing off or cheap and duplicate imitation.

Even assuming that the retail on any other website is of the genuine product, it is a hundred percent guarantee that they are reselling it and therefore the prices will be higher than the mark- up prices. Therefore, don’t ever be misled. Follow the numbers and the email at the bottom of this page and make sure that you get the right product at the right price. Break free from the shackles of underperformance and performance anxiety. Just try our product to let lose the best in you!